Knee Deep: Insights from Top Sports Physio Adam Stokes on Knee Injury Prevention and Treatment

Adam Stokes

In our latest episode all about knee injuries, we are delighted to be joined again by top sports physio Adam Stokes who has over a decade of experience at the forefront of care and treatment in elite, professional football clubs. Prof Mackay and Adam have worked together in the past when injured players have needed surgery and rehab.  Adam also has a huge interest in injury data analysis and a specialization in ACL injuries and rehabilitation. So who better to talk to about this subject, huge as it is – we try and break it down with Adam, looking at everything from the most common to more severe knee injuries.

And as serious as knee injuries can be it’s not all doom and gloom as Adam also equips us with insights on recognising the severity of a knee injury and offers practical advice on injury prevention strategies. So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, understanding how to safeguard your knees is crucial for longevity and Adam offers tons of info.

And for those unfortunate moments when injury strikes, he shares his top tips on immediate treatment and understanding when to seek professional help.  And we also clear up common misconceptions about knee injuries and terminology – covering everything from the meniscus to medial ligament problems!

So, join us, Jennifer Reoch and Prof Mackay, as we take a deep dive into the world of knee injuries with Adam Stokes.

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