Rangers’ Scott Wright – my ACL rupture and recovery – along with Physio Adam Stokes


Watching Rangers winger Scott Wright today play his usual fast, attacking game you would never guess that in his Aberdeen FC days, he suffered every footballer’s nightmare – a ruptured ACL.  Joining us in this episode alongside Scott is Adam Stokes who was club Physio at the time and played a huge role in Scott’s recovery. Together the pair talk us through Scott’s injury, choosing InternalBrace surgery with Prof Mackay, and then his rehab and recovery.

Adam had had experience dealing with this injury before including with former Aberdeen player, Mark Reynolds who chose the same surgery. He talks us through how his rehab of players who have this surgery differs from those who have traditional reconstructive surgery.  Scott tells us how important Adam’s help was throughout the whole process.  Scott of course took huge inspiration from Mark’s recovery and in a fascinating insight tells us how he loved the whole recovery period – hitting rehab markers and seeing the progress he was making.

He describes how he felt, putting his knee to the test in his first game back after Adam reassured him he was fit and ready. Adam is full of info about overseeing this sort of rehab plus tips for all on how to avoid ACL injury in the first place.

Scott’s injury seemed pretty innocuous when it happened and Jen wants to know how to recognise you might have injured your own ACL while Prof Mackay offers advice if you think you have. We also chat over the merits of different grafts and why both Prof Mackay and Adam favour not taking from your hamstrings whenever possible. 

Scott of course went on to sign for Rangers and is enjoying an amazing career with no further knee trouble. Fantastic episode for all in need of ACL recovery inspiration!


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