Triumph over trails – with Charlie Aldridge, Cross Country Mountain Bike Champion

Charlie Aldridge guest

In our latest episode, we have the privilege of chatting with a young cross-country mountain bike champion who has the world at his wheels! Just 22, Charlie Aldridge first rode to victory in 2019 becoming Junior World Champion, and three years later claimed the prestigious title of British National Champion. 

But his recent achievement is his biggest win to date – becoming the 2023, U23 World Champion – a victory made even sweeter as it was won on home turf in Scotland. Of course, it’s such a high-octane sport he has already faced some injury hurdles along the way, sometimes battling more than just his competitors!

So far he has batted off a serious posterior shoulder dislocation, a broken collarbone, and a  savage cut to a knee that would have had most of us calling for help – not Charlie he just cycled home! We talk to him about these injuries and his treatments and it’s fascinating to hear his take on tackling recovery.

Prof Mack met Charlie when his shoulder insisted on popping out following his dislocation and he explains a little more about why a posterior shoulder dislocation can be trickier to treat than the more common anterior dislocation.  

So join us as we unravel Charlie’s incredible journey so far and look ahead, we all hope, to Olympic glory. Jennifer and Gordon find out more about the disciplines within the world of competitive mountain biking and Charlie has top tips for anyone wanting to take up the sport.   

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