Anna Vincenti, former freestyle skier – how becoming the ‘Rehab Queen’ made her stronger


Imagine flying through the air carrying out huge aerial jumps and flips – much like a pro skateboarder but this time the park is covered in icy snow, not concrete. Welcome to the high-octane sport of freestyle skiing and multi-talented athlete Anna Vincenti – who, we should add, is also a top-class football player and now boxer as well. During her ski-career Anna picked up several bad injuries but she used her rehab each time to work on getting stronger and fitter.

Anna was already playing football for Hibs and Scotland when she was seen fearlessly flipping through the air during a skiing camp. The guy watching happened to be a Team GB coach and he immediately talent-spotted Anna who switched full-time to concentrate on freestyle skiing. Anna made Team GB and went on to compete in World Championships and was on course for her first Winter Olympics. 

Although Anna excelled in this high-risk sport, she also started picking up injuries as do most freestyle skiers. She chats candidly to Professor Gordon Mackay and Jennifer Reoch for Surgical Goals about her injury roll-call, starting from early thumb damage to much more serious knee injuries including ACL and meniscus damage and culminating in tearing all the ligaments in her shoulder. Having carried out several of Anna’s surgeries Professor Mackay has been an integral part of her journey. 

Each injury required hours of rehab during which Anna enjoyed working on increasing her physical strength but mentally she found she began to have blocks about doing some of the more dangerous freestyle aerials like cannons. She decided to switch back to her first love, football, but during one rehab found herself longing again for a sport that really pushed her. She has found that in Boxing and says she is now stronger and fitter than she has ever been and is loving her new challenge which has included a sparring session with former WBO Champion Alex Arthur. She is not done with her football either and is currently signed for Celtic.

An amazing episode with an athlete who never lets injury get her down and is always one to watch. 


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