Rugby legend Chris Paterson – played on with a ruptured kidney in his 100th cap game


Former Scotland Captain and rugby legend Chris Paterson and former Scotland and Lions physio Stuart Barton, join us for this episode. Over a long career, Chris was lucky to avoid a lot of injuries but he picked up a couple of serious ones which he talks about here. Stuart was part of the fantastic rehab room team working to get him back to strength.

Chris talks to Surgical Goals about his amazing journey – from a rugby-mad Border’s lad to playing in four World Cups. Throughout his playing career, he suffered remarkably few injuries, although he describes how he dealt with and recovered from two of the most significant ones, including a kidney rupture – rare even in the full-contact game of rugby.

As team physio Stuart worked alongside Chris supporting his training and rehab. Chris shares how he altered his training and pre-hab regime to reduce the risk of injury as he got older while remaining a fiercely competitive top-level player. 

For his part, Stuart recalls the job he loved, and the pair reminisce about the camaraderie at Murrayfield and discuss how rugby has evolved into the game as we know it today. We hear of Chris’s current involvement in coaching including with the Women’s squad for whom Chris predicts great success. 

With their insider knowledge Stuart and Chris give us an amazing insight into the life of a pro rugby player.

For a humorous insight into the lighter side of squad life catch a listen to our short second episode. Also available now.



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