Feet First- Dr Troy Watson – top US sports foot & ankle specialist


Fantastic to chat with top US foot and ankle doc Troy Watson. Sports injuries specialist, Troy is the foot and ankle consultant for among others, UNLV Athletics, UFC, the Las Vegas Raiders, the Golden Knights, and the Silver Knights.

Ever the innovator Troy has collaborated with Prof Mackay many times on the development of the InternalBrace ligament repair technique for ankle injuries and so we were delighted we managed to grab a little time with him on a recent visit to the UK.

We chat through his journey into orthopedics, why he chose to specialize in the foot and ankle and then sports surgery. We also talk over some of the main injuries he treats in his Las Vegas practice such as Jones Fractures and ‘Turf Toe’, and about how harnessing developing technology has allowed him to update and innovate treatments.

A chat with Troy is never complete without talking about his beloved American football and this takes us into a fascinating discussion about how playing on different surfaces can lead to higher injury incidence and we take a quick look at ankle injury prevention.


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