Football superstar Rachel Corsie: Beating ACL rupture & staying at the top of her game

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Welcome to our latest episode in which we have the privilege of sitting down with the incredible Rachel Corsie, a true superstar in the world of Women’s Football. She has been capped for Scotland over 140 times, beating the setback of an ACL rupture in 2012 to go on to triumph in teams all over the world. Rachel’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable and she is currently signed for Aston Villa and playing in the Women’s Super League.

For Rachel, overcoming her ACL rupture was a pivotal moment in her career – tackling her rehab meticulously, it worked and she returned to reclaim her spot at the top of the game. With grit, determination, and unwavering passion, she has continued to dominate the field for years.

And as the world gets Women’s World Cup fever, we chat over why ACL ruptures in the women’s game are making headlines. Prof Mackay explains why young female players are more susceptible to this horrible injury than their male counterparts. Rachel takes us through her own initial injury, surgery, and brilliant recovery. Although she did suffer further cartilage damage and has been left with a legacy of minor knee irritations which occasionally require small interventions – which is how she first met Prof Mackay!

Rachel Corsie in action for Scotland/Alamy

Rachel explains how her knee has felt down the years and how she manages it with strength & conditioning to stay at her physical peak and avoid re-injury.

We also chat about advances in research, technology and treatments for cruciate rupture which offer hope to today’s players for faster, stronger recoveries. 

So join us as Rachel shares her incredible story – be inspired by her resilience, her triumphs, and the valuable insights she’s gained throughout her extraordinary career. Whether you’re a football enthusiast or simply someone seeking injury recovery inspiration, this is a podcast you won’t want to miss! 


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