Richard Gough -all hail the king – talking to footballing giant and Ranger’s talisman


Well, one thing’s for sure Scotland could have done with a little of the magic of former Captain Richard Gough in their friendly against England recently. We however were lucky enough to welcome him to the podcast. Dominating football in the 90s, Richard was capped 61 times for Scotland and played for famous clubs like Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. But for the young lad who started his career at Dundee United, it was his ten years with Rangers, many as Captain, for which he is most famous. He was the first Scottish player to be transferred to a Scottish team for over £1,000,000 and he joined in what was to become a golden era for the club winning 9 league titles, 3 Scottish Cups, and 6 League Cups.

Known as ‘Captain Blood, for his fearless defense Richard suffered a few injuries in his career but interestingly it was neuromas in both feet that he remembers causing him immense pain and a particularly bruising thigh injury which required an ambulance dash to A&E. Prof Mackay explains what a neuroma is why they cause so much pain and what can be done surgically to help.

Of course, this episode is absolutely full of amazing tales and anecdotes from Richard’s playing career so if you want to hear about some of his finest moments, the famous late goals, what it felt like pulling on the famous blue top for the first time and playing with some of the biggest household names of the time, under some of the most famous managers, stick on your headphones and settle back.

We also have a fascinating chat about his own stint as a manager, what he thinks of management style today, and how his connection to Rangers continues on.

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