Talking foot and ankle injuries & treatments with NY’s finest – Dr James McWilliam MD


In this episode our guest is top foot and ankle surgeon from New York, Dr James McWilliam MD. ‘Jim’ has been collaborating with Prof Mackay for over 10 years now on the InternalBrace technique, so while he was over on a visit to the UK recently we jumped at the chance to talk with him about his practice in general and about the sports injuries he commonly sees.

We discuss his current thoughts on treatments for everything from ankle sprains to Achilles ruptures and the common but painful complaint – plantar fasciitis.  Jim explains why new technologies mean he is able to offer advanced surgical solutions for ankle and Achilles injuries rather than falling back on more traditional, conservative treatments which can often leave athletes with permanently weak tendons and ligaments and many patients surprisingly disabled 10 years on.

He also has some great self-help tips for plantar fascitis sufferers and on ways to avoid Achilles injury in the first place. 

Have a listen – it’s a short and sweet episode but packed with lots of great info.


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