Top US Football Foot & Ankle Doc – Eric Giza MD


In the second of our short episodes talking to visiting sports surgeons from the US we chat to Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Chief of Foot & Ankle at UC Davis, California, Dr Eric Giza who also just happens to be a massive Aston Villa fan!

When they first met to collaborate, Prof Mackay realised that Eric was not just a massive football fan but had a background working at some of the biggest clubs around the world. Eric explains where his passion for the game comes from and how it informed his medical career path. As Jennifer discovers there is not much this man does not know about footballers’ ankles! 

Chat ranges over the evolution of sports surgery into the specialism that it is today in the US. We ask Eric, is there a difference between treating top-level sports patients rather than those who just wish to remain active or get back to work?

We also cover some of the most common injuries he sees in his sports medicine practice from Lisfranc injuries to bunions and sesamoid problems. For all of these, Eric has been instrumental in developing surgical techniques to enhance and accelerate patient treatment and recovery. 


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